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Tristan Vaughan, Artistic Director
Morgan Vaughan, Producing Artistic Director

Round Table Theatre Company & Academy is a classical theatre ensemble that employs local and out-of-town professional actors and experts to teach, mentor, and engage the entire community. Our goal is not only to cultivate professional actors, but great actors and artists. We believe we can build community and raise awareness of skillful theatrical performance that can positively change and enrich people’s lives. We have established Round Table with the goal of eventually having a world-class professional destination theatre in the Hamptons.


Our first full-length production was Macbeth, January 2013 at LTV Studios in Wainscott, New York starring Jeff Keogh, Daniel Stearns, and Morgan Vaughan and Directed by Tristan Vaughan. This highly successful production was sold out during its final weekend. Please see reviews and previews on our Press page and pictures and bios of our cast under Macbeth.


Our second full-length production was Hamlet, November 2014 at Guild Hall in East Hampton. This highly regarded production boasted a standing ovation from our student matinee (consisting of 4th, 5th and 9th graders), and acclaim from patrons and reviews alike.

​Besides producing plays, we are an academy. We teach an acting class for actors and non-actors called "Speaking Shakespeare" at Guild Hall in East Hampton and coach actors privately.



“Guild Hall, indeed the entirety of The Hamptons, is blessed to have Morgan and Tristan Vaughan now in our midst.  They have raised the level of the theatrical community beyond measure and brought Shakespeare to life here.  Bravo to them.”
      - Dianne B., Gardener, Speaking Shakespeare Student

“Most people have a troubled relationship with Shakespeare, charmed by the ubiquitous famous quotes but intimidated by the prospect of trying to absorb 2 hours of rapid-fire Elizabethan dialogue and a convoluted plot. Since my schooldays in Wales, where Richard II (Dickey Two Strokes to us), Macbeth and Julius Caesar were matters of study, I have had a simmering interest, fueled by some great movies and plays, but nothing more. Quite by chance I enrolled in Tristan and Morgan Vaughan's Speaking Shakespeare workshops. As a result a wonderful transformation occurred in my understanding and performance of the Bard and his works. It drew me to immerse myself in the fascinating Elizabethan era and thereby get a greater understanding of our own world to-day. In addition, my aging gray cells were considerably perked-up with learning, and reciting, Sonnets, John of Gaunt, Father Sebastian, King Lear and any other gray-beard available. At first I completely panicked at the prospect but the patient, inspired and experienced professionalism of these two young talents took it, and me, to another level. ‘Methinks I am a prophet new inspired, And thus expiring do proclaim of them, Their bright, true flame of inspiration shall prevail....’”
      - John Thomas, Retired, Speaking Shakespeare Student

Praise for Extremities

“The sum total of all of these inherently ‘right’ choices add up to wise direction by Tristan Vaughan.”
Dawn Watson, Southampton Press



Training: M.A. Journalism, University of Montana; M.F.A. Acting, The Shakespeare Theatre Company's Academy for Classical Acting at The George Washington University; Certificate, Acting Shakespeare, RADA.




Training: M.F.A. Acting, The Shakespeare Theatre Company's Academy for Classical Acting at The George Washington University; Certificate, Acting, Circle in the Square Theatre School; Certificate, Acting Shakespeare, RADA.